In Summer 2007 Dennis (Guitar) and Holger (Drums) decided to have a few jam sessions in the basement of Holger’s parents. Little did they know that this was the very beginning of the band AXOLOTL.

After a short while, they decided to go serious and Sven and Julian (both Guitar) joined the band. Since then, Dennis became the Bassplayer because he was the only one that owned a bass guitar.

During the first rehearsals, there was no intended style of music to be played and no concrete subject to go for. They didn’t even pretend to play any kind of Heavy Metal Music. In fact, the first musically footsteps of AXOLOTL have been a few coversongs of BLINK 182, SUM 41, RISE AGAINST and other Punk/Rock acts… which they totally fucked up because none of the guys had played his instrument recently.

After sucking for a few more months they got kicked out by Holger’s parents und moved to a real rehearsal room in Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck, where the first own songs were written. The result was a strange mixture of Punk, Metalcore and some Hard Rock stuff. In April 2008 Matthias joined the Band and added gutural and clean vocals to that undefineable creation of musical jumble.

After finally having a real line-up, AXOLOTL played their first shows in early 2009.

They won a local band contest and recorded their first demo „The Rise of the Waterdemon“.

Shortly after the recordings, Sven and Julian left the Band and were replaced by Michael (Matthias‘ brother) and Fabian.

From 2010 to 2012 AXOLOTL have been constantly playing shows in local clubs and youth centres.

As the guys evolved personally and improved as musicians, their music is now a mixture of Melodic Death and Thrash Metal with some Black Metal influences. Former Metalcore elements like clean vocals or Breakdowns have completely been abolished.

Coming up with that advanced sound, they released a live EP called „Alive Risings“ in February 2011.

Almost exactly two years later, their self-released first full-length Album „Teutonic Invaders“
was brought to the Metal community, which lead AXOLOTL to be recognized by people all over Germany and even further.

For their second longplayer „Voices Of Luna“, they signed with Bret Hard Records. The album was released in early 2015.

In June 2015 Fabian left the band because he had to focus on his job and studies in Münster and was replaced by Marcel.

In March 2016 Matthias also decided to leave AXOLOTL because of personal reasons.

AXOLOTL, who are still searching for a new vocalist, are currently writing new material for their next album.