In 2008, when we applied for our first real rehearsal room, we had to name our freshly founded band, as it was demanded by the application letter.

Not even having a clue which musical direction we wanted to go for, it was pretty hard to figure out a band name.

One day, Sven found a picture of an AXOLOTL in a pharmacy magazine. We laughed so hard at this adorable, yet hilarious animal, that we decided to name the band after it for a start. We didn’t mean to keep it, but we just needed something to fill up that damn application letter. We thought we would change it someday, when we had some better ideas. But that day never came. Despite or perhaps because of our name, we got pretty well known among the local Metal scene in our early days. So after playing our first shows as AXOLOTL we said „Fuck it, this is our name! Deal with it, BITCHES!!!11!1!“

Oh, and by the way: We found out that AXOLOTL comes from ancient Aztec language and means „waterdemon“. It also was connected to „Xolotl“, the god of thunder, death and misfortune, which is pretty cool.